The Toyo Pumps

Moving slurries using pump is a well known technology; using pumps to transfer low density slurries is also common. What is NEW is using a pump to agitate materials from rest, whip it into a slurry, and pump it at a high densities continuously and to comparably long distances – ALL IN ONE SINGLE OPERATION.


The TOYO pump is Submersible Agitator Sand Pump.Built very sturdily, with extra ordinary features,for use in rugged, difficult and exacting service conditions.

The TOYO PUMP, with its built-in mechanical agitator, has been specially designed to pump solid that have settled. The rotating custom built agitator of TOYO pump moves the solid from rest, whips it into a dense slurry and directs a highly concentrated and continuous flow of material into its impeller.

THE TOYO PUMP incorporates many unique features which sets it apart from other pumps:

  • The TOYO PUMP is provided with a protective screen, which prevents ingestion of oversize solids.
  • Spaecial seals are used to withstand pressure.
  • The excellent metallurgy of wearing parts ensures long life.
  • The efficiency of TOYO Pump can be maintained for a long period by adjusting the clearance between the impeller and suction cover.
  • All wearing parts made extra thick for longer life.
  • Compartmentalised construction – to minimize parts subject to abrasion.

The standard range TOYO PUMP DP Series can effectively handle solids upto 120mm dia., head and depth of 30 Meters. TOYO’s special range pumps can operate at greater depths and head.The TOYO PUMP combined with booster slurry pumps used to transport material over longer distances.The TOYO PUMP combined with booster slurry pumps used to transport material over longer distances.

The TOYO system is easily the most cost effective method of converting stationary material into a pumpable state and transporting it – all at a fraction of the costs of conventional methods. Its simplicity and ease in operation makes the TOYO system universally acceptable.