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The TOYO Dredging System typically consists of:

1. TOYO Pump (with Control Panel for larger Models).
2. Floating Pontoon
3. Delivery Pipeline with Floaters.
4. Flexible Hose to connect TOYO Pump outlet to delivery pipeline.
5. Power Winch for lifting & lowering TOYO Pump
6. Generator/ Electric mains supply
7. Direction Control Winches, tools & tackles.

The TOYO Pump is suspended from an A frame attached to the pontoon using a Power winch. The power supply is connected to the control panel. The pontoon is anchored using the manual direction control winches. The pump outlet is connected to the flexible hose which in turn is connected to the delivery pipeline. The pump is started and lowered into the water. Water is first pumped and when the pump is lowered further, sand is pumped out.

In sites containing large concentrations of clay, TOYO EXCAVATORS may be required. Two types of TOYO EXCAVATORS are available – PK Series & EPK Series.

A typical pontoon arrangement

A typical ladder arrangement

Toyo Pumps
Toyo Pumps
Toyo Pumps
Toyo Pumps